Ice wall VÍR

Ice wall VÍR
SINGING ROCK has been a long-term partner and technical supporter of the Ice Wall in Vír. This unique wall is highly dependent on weather conditions, so it comes as no surprise that the length of the season may vary from one to two or three months every year.

The season 2011/2012 was therefore one of the shortest so far (usually it had lasted from two to three months). Despite the short period available, we managed to organise and accomplish several very interesting events: There was testing of material made by Grivel, Raveltik, Singing Rock and Tendonl. We also saw the 4th Adrex Ice Run race. In total, over 400 climbers from all over the country tried the wall. I believe this is a decent amount of work with regard to the short period of four weekends and a few weekdays. :-) Moreover, we were forced this year to work under somewhat difficult conditions without the necessary technical background, and, in a way, even without a roof above our heads. This is quite hard when there is 25 °C below zero outside.

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