Singing Rock STEEL 19

139517SINGING ROCK and SAMBAR invite you to Singing Rock STEEL, the industrial rope access competition which is organised as an open Czech championship. The event takes place in our POLYGON Training Centre in Kladno, Czech Republic, on 30th November to 1st December 2019.

Singing Rock STEEL is an unique rope access competition. It provides a great opportunity for workers at height, firemen, rescuers, speleologist and also experienced amateurs to compare their strengths and skills. Singing Rock STEEL is one of the biggest contests of this kind in Europe and the only one in the Czech Republic and contestants come from many different countries. The competition will take place at training facilities for rope access technicians Polygon Singing Rock and a climbing gym attached to it, in industrial part of town Kladno (25km from Prague).

140234The competition will follow it’s tradition and will give a chance to individuals on Saturday and to team on Sunday to show their best skills and try to win. Between the two race days will be a big party, full of fun, chatting, drinking and dancing. This year you can look forward to a live music band called "S(nad)Váhou". Listen to their promo mix:

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See you at Singing Rock STEEL 19

photos from Singing Rock STEEL 18

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